Complete Installation of PC21 to underground coal mines in India

Davis Derby previously supplied the SIVAD Signals and Communications System to underground coal mines in India during the 1970’s. 

Their experience of utilising the SIVAD proved very successful, equipment supplied 30 years ago is still being utilised to this day in India (testament to its longevity and reliability).

The name SIVAD is very well known to mine electrical engineers in India, giving Davis Derby a growing local reputation. The comanies experience for using SIVAD led to a contact by Indu Projects (A mining Sub-contract company) to see if Davis Derby could supply and Signals and Communications system for the Longwall project they were running at BCCL Moonidih mine in Jharia near Dhanbad in the Indian state of Jharkhand to replace the existing indigenous system. Compatibility, quality and reliability were a pre-requisite for Indu Projects to replace the existing system.

Engineers from Davis Derby's MineWATCH division were asked to visit Moonidih 16 mine and carry out a site survey to establish compatibility between the existing switchgear and Davis Derby PC21 control and monitoring system. Doug Etches,International Sales Manager, visited the mine in September 2015 and carried out an in depth inspection of the existing indigenous Control, Signals and Communications system and from that was able to give a detailed plan and quotation to Indu Projects  utilising the PC21 Face Control System (Successor to the SIVAD system). This included PC21-3 Face Controller (with diagnostics mimic colour display); PC21-GPMC remote control unit; Lockout Keys (with key numbering), DIS 5 Communications, Pre Start Warning and Hydraulic Pump Control.

Intense Negotiations

Through intense negotiations between Davis Derby and Indu Projects it was decided at the first stage to purchase the PC21 Face Control, lockouts, communications and pre start warning system only. This was manufactured on schedule and factory acceptance tests were carried out along with in depth training given to Indu Projects personnel at Davis Derby Headquarters in the UK.

The equipment was transported to the mine and built up at the BCCL-Moonidih surface workshop where it was once again tested and then used to provide the electricians and operators with in depth training programme. Once training was complete the equipment was transported to site and the installation of all the equipment was carried out within a 12 hour period. This included removal of the old system, installation of all the new lockout units and communications along the Stage Loader and the AFC and connecting up all the control cables from the PC21 to the relevant motor control switchgear. This meant the face downtime period was kept to minimum and production was started immediately after testing and commissioning of the system.

Successful Installation

The mine has now been running the face without any problems since May 2016 allowing them to increase production this is in part due to the reduction in stoppages by utilising the Davis Derby PC21 control, signals and communications system.