Davis Derby Pullkey enclosure has temperature range of -40°C to +60°C

Davis Derby’s comprehensive range of StedFAST® conveyor protection devices protect people and plant in quarries, mines, tunnels, processing plants, ports and railway depots worldwide.

All Davis Derby devices are compatible and can be easily installed by qualified electrical engineers on new or retrofit schemes. The primary stopping device on any conveyor system is the pull cable/wire operated safety switch, now available in compliance to BS EN ISO 13849-I PLe Category 3 standards.

Davis Derby design and manufacture a double-ended stop device, which can be adopted as either a normal stop switch, or wired to function as an emergency stop switch, isolating conveyor movement in the event of incidents. When required to operate as a normal stop switch, the pull key device can be either, wired and fitted to some or all of the moving parts of conveyor machinery to render them safe.

Alternatively, when required to operate as an emergency stop switch, all the pull keys internal positive break micro-switches should be used and connected to any/all parts of conveyor machinery.

By connecting up all the micro switches to a certified safety relay, the pull key system will comply with the emergency stop standards of BS EN ISO 13849-I PLe (Category 3) . To enable a successful emergency stop control, all pull keys and safety relays must be connected to the machinery it is protecting and to all upstream and downstream equipment, where deemed necessary.

ATEX-certified dustproof models available, Group II Category 1D

• IP65 enclosure & corrosive resistant components
• New LOW Temperature Model –40°C to +60°C
• Cats-eye indication (optional semaphore flag)
• Double-ended
• Easy installation
• 3 years UK warranty (1 year overseas, from date of supply)