Pallet Centre install TK5 system

The Pallet Centre is a manufacturing company of pallets, based in Ballyearl, Newtownabbey. They manufacture up to 750,000 pallets every year, using eco-friendly materials and recycling waste timber and metal.  The key industries for the Pallet Centre include manufacturing, food and drink, farming and shipping.

Briggs Equipment NI has been working with the Pallet Centre for more than 10 years.  Most recently a Hyster truck was delivered with a double pallet handler attachment to help lift more pallets at any one given time.  Briggs continues to work with the Pallet Centre and is now offering more than forklift sales.

The Pallet Centre has recently installed a new fleet management system, Davis Derby into their existing materials handling fleet, with the help of Briggs Equipment NI.  Briggs has worked as a liaison between Davis Derby and the Pallet Centre to install the software and ensure that it is working to the requirements of the Pallet Centre.  Their initial requirements were that the system must be able to be fitted onto multiple products and machines they already have in their fleet.

The requirements from Davis Derby ensure that operators at the Pallet Centre preform daily checks, create a paperless storage of all data inputted through the system, prove efficiency, increase safety and complies with Health and Safety Regulations.

Additional benefits of the system include fuel efficiency as there is a 3-minute idle shut down in place.  It also improves damage limitation as daily checks must be carried out prior to use by any driver.  It also takes record of any damages that do occur to the truck giving the management traceability over any damages to the truck.  Accessibility is also key to this software, as the management team from the Pallet Centre can log in anywhere on phones, computers etc. and receive email alerts for any issues or impacts.

In addition to the Davis Derby software equipment within the Pallet Centre, Briggs NI has also carried out training through our Driver Training Academy to highlight the safety aspect when working in the materials handling industry.

Jonathan Forsythe, Truckcare Sales Executive, Briggs Equipment NI, pictured with Julian Morrow from the Pallet Centre

Case Study provided by Briggs Equipment UK