Personnel Tracking / Asset Location & Zoning

Knowing exactly who – and what – is present on your site or inside a coal mine is vital to security and safety.

For this reason, Davis Derby has developed a system for detecting and identifying personnel, equipment and vehicles operating underground in mineral and coal mines.

Transponders, when passed within three metres of an antenna, send a unique 64 bit code to the reader unit. Once the reader recognises the tag (or not) it will react as programmed to your requirements. The readers can also be connected to the surface MineSCADA system to facilitate manpower deployment and vehicle movements.

As well as verifying personnel and vehicular activity, this versatile system can provide personnel protection on man–riding conveyors and offer many security benefits.


Personnel and Vehicle Tracking System - The MineWATCH Multi read RFID System is the latest localized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and personnel tracking system for use in Group 1 and 2 hazardous areas.

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WiPAN Tracking and Notification

The Davis Derby WiPAN (Wireless Personnel Area Network) system is certified technology for use in hazardous group I and II environments that provides tracking and performance data on any assets monitored.

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PC21 Control and Monitoring Products

The PC21 system can be used to control and monitor the whole of the mine and send the associated data to the surface control room SCADA where it can be displayed/analysed /utilised to enable efficient and safe operations.

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Personnel Tracking Systems

WiPAN Tracking and notification and RFID Personnel and Vehicle Tracking System.

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