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Driver Access Control & Pre Check

Features and Benefits of TruckLOG TK5 driver access control and pre-operational check:

  • Smartcard technology ensures that only authorised operators are allowed access.
  • Chip & pin access control allows additional level of authority before vehicle can be used.
  • Central programming of driver cards making it easy to manage large numbers of drivers.
  • Enable VOR (vehicle off-road) to make your vehicle safe when you need to prevent drivers from starting the truck.
  • Schedule pre-operational safety checks on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis and fully customise the checks made.
  • Notifications and alerts delivered to warehouse supervisors, management and engineers to enable live control of the fleet.
  • Driver training scheduling, driver’s license expiry and validity all managed in the same system.
    Manager audit available.


Improve safety and productivity with forklift truck driver access control & pre-operational checks. TruckLOG forklift truck fleet management system helps you stay in control of who is driving your forklift truck fleet with the driver access control system.

TruckLOG's forklift truck fleet management system with driver access control prevents unauthorised drivers from operating vehicles and machines that they do not have a licence for.  Along with the forklift truck pre-operational checks TruckLOG also provides improved safety on-site, minimised forklift idle time, reduced unauthorised operation of vehicles in your fleet and lower fleet running costs.

The Smartcard Forklift Truck Driver Access Control interface allows you to control which drivers can operate which forklift trucks and when. The TruckLOG TK5 Access Control system monitors drivers' licences and expiry dates against each driver, ensuring that only drivers with valid licences can use the vehicles.

Alert messages can be delivered by the system to management and to the drivers to enable timely driver retraining to be planned. TruckLOG’s system can integrate with your current smartcard key fob system and you can opt for a more secure "Chip & Pin" control.

The system’s full Pre-Operational Checks help you meet your Health & Safety objectives and obligations in a materials handling environment.

The system has an entry level vehicle specific check list as standard, or there is an option to use the enhanced customisable version allowing  check list questions to be designed in house. TruckLOG forklift truck fleet management system Pre-operational checks can be scheduled, for instance, at the start of each shift or upon the change of driver. When defects are detected email or message alerts are sent to the relevant engineers or managers to make them aware of a failed pre-operational check and the software will then place a warning only on the vehicle or put the vehicle "Off Road" (VOR).