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MineSCADA Online

MineSCADA Online is a read-only version of MineSCADA. With MineSCADA Online users can view live mimics, historical trends and alarm logs, to give an up to date picture of what is going on now and in the past at a site.   

Unlike traditional MineSCADA it is accessed through a standard web browser giving more flexible connectivity and extending the range of platforms and devices it can be used with to include tablets and smartphones.


Features and Benefits

  • Centralised Web Server - The software is installed as a web server and connected to via web browsers therefore any changes to the MineSCADA configuration on the server are immediately available to all browser clients.
  • Flexible connectivity - the web server connection uses http making mimic, alarms and trends visible across a wide area network: either a closed intranet, through a VPN or on the internet (if open to the internet security implications need to be considered and a penetration test is recommended).
  • Increased range of devices and platforms - as long as the device supports HTML5 it can view mimics, alarm logs and trends. Most smartphones and tablets have browsers that support HTML5. Multiple operating systems such as Windows, iOS, OS X, Android and Linux also support compatible browsers.