With a long history of developing unrivalled safety, communication and monitoring products, Davis Derby is uniquely positioned to offer a range of products for industrial applications, where we have adapted existing technology to be suitable for operation in hazardous gas and dusty atmospheres and obtaining the appropriate certification to ATEX, IECEx, UL and CSA standards.

Knowing exactly who – and what – is present on your site is vital to security and safety.

For this reason, Davis Derby can offer a system for detecting and identifying personnel, equipment and vehicles operating in hazardous, explosive and arduous environments that meet all the latest certification standards, including ATEX and IECEx.

Transponders, when passed within three metres of an antenna, send a unique 64 bit code to the reader unit. Once the reader recognises the tag (or not) it will react as programmed to your requirements. The readers can also be connected to the surface SafeCOM system to facilitate manpower deployment and vehicle movements.

As well as verifying personnel and vehicular activity, this versatile system can provide personnel protection on man–riding conveyors and offer many security benefits.

The SafeCOM ATEX approved Multi read RFID System is the latest localized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and personnel tracking system for use in Group II hazardous areas. This can be supported with additional options including our I.S. Programmable Display and I.S. CCTV Camera.

The system aids managers to control and monitor the movement of people and equipment operating in the hazardous environments, such as offshore oil/gas rigs and onshore facilities.

The tracking system can also be used in areas of potentially high risk to prevent personnel/vehicles from entering those areas and therefore minimise the potential risk. For example, this can be done by stopping any machinery from operating, or tripping the power to the machinery, when personnel enter the area.

Specific personnel/vehicles may gain access if required, for operating the machinery for instance, this is done by permitting certain tags access.

Davis Derby are specialists at designing bespoke applications to provide customers with equipment that works exactly to their specification.

The SafeCOM LE computer monitoring system has been designed to operate with the RFID  tracking system and collect all the data, this data can be used with time and attendance software via an OPC server.