TruckLOG Forklift Truck Fleet Management System will make a real difference to your site safety and materials handling overheads and help you to meet your health and safety obligations.

Damage to forklift trucks accounts for up to 40% of annual fleet maintenance costs. In terms of health and safety, an estimated 30% of fatalities caused by goods vehicles involve a forklift truck.


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Intelligent Driver Access Control and Fleet Management Systems

TruckLOG is a fleet management system for forklift trucks designed for use in demanding materials handling management environments. TruckLOG improves safety and productivity levels of forklift truck fleets in warehouses.

The TruckLOG forklift truck fleet management system is installed with a range of software options that can tell you all about the safety of your forklift truck fleet and give you live feedback to help monitor productivity.   With TruckLOG you are in control of driver vehicle access, pre-operational checks, vehicle shock and impact reporting, driver training needs, speed control zoning, vehicle service and maintenance schedules.