WiPAN Tracking and Notification

The Davis Derby WiPAN (Wireless Personnel Area Network) system is certified technology for use in hazardous group I and II environments that provides tracking and performance data on any assets monitored.

Features and Benefits

WiPAN provides a wide range of features and benefits to the user including:

  • Factual information both on site and remotely on all assets and personnel.
  • Performance information system enabling more concise management decisions to be made on monitored operations.
  • Development of improvement strategies enhancing future business performance.
  • The WiPAN network is self-healing for the maximum reliability.

WiPAN can be used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Personnel tracking for escape and rescue which includes notification and acknowledgement functionality.
  • Indication of Safe Egress Route.
  • Asset tracking on all mobile plant or transported equipment.
  • Quick response battery powered wireless network extension when required.
  • Performance data and location on all other assets not presently monitored either fixed or mobile.
  • Connected to hand held or stationary gas sensors to send data to the surface.
  • Can be fitted easily to any piece of equipment via UART connection.