Conveyor Control System

The PC21-1 unit in the delivery area offers a variety of monitorIng which would normally consist of belt alignment and tear, blocked chute, back spillage and the speed of this conveyor. There is also the option for remote stops/starts for maintenance and a local display to make it easier for engineers to rectify any Issues.

The PC21-3, via the DIS5 system provides the whole conveyor with pre-start warning before starting. It also protects the conveyor with a lockout system along the full length of the conveyor with key numbers for each lockout operated. The door has stop and start buttons for operating the conveyor and a maintenance mode which can override certain monitoring not required during repairs. The control logic allows the unit to operate in a bespoke manner. Thus offering a flexible and efficient method of operation tuned to your specific requirements.

The loop unit offers monitorIng which can include tension, alignment, contactor state and temperatures around the system. It can also be programmed to control both electric and hydraulic driven loops and incorporate both auto and manual tensioning control. There is also local starts/stops for use in manual mode.

The loop unit is connected to the PC21-3 via a CAN bridge connection and receives data as to the conveyor’s current operational state which, using the control logic, may be programmed to stop the conveyor if there is a problem with the loop.