Environmental Monitoring

The MineWATCH PC21 Environmental Monitoring solution can be either a simple system or as complex as required to make sure the environment is safe. Each PC21-1 module has 14 analogue/digital inputs and 6 output relays, the use of there and the control function it is designed to meet the end user requirements. Simple systems which require additional monitoring can be easily expanded by adding extra PC21-1 modules on Canbus (up to a distance of 500m) or on canbridge (up to a distance of 5000m).

Different types of Gas Sensors can be connected to the system either:-

  • 4 to 20mA analogue input – connected to PC21-1 Unit
  • 0.4 to 2V analogue input – connected to PC21-1 Unit
  • RS485 Modbus sensors (RS485 data link) – connected to PC21-MC

The use of modbus connected sensors is increasing, especially in Russia. The benefits from modbus sensors are:

  • Additional Information available
  • Different ranges from one sensor – 0 to 2.5% CH4 and 0 to 100% CH4
  • Calibration and sensor information serial number, range, etc
  • Sensors are connected on a multi-drop RS485 serial data link that can be up to 1.5Km depending on data rate
  • Secure monitoring of the sensor value

All the data that is collected by the PC21 system is passed automatically via SAP modem or Fibre Optic Ethernet transmission to the surface control room and using the MineSCADA computer control system the data is displayed on the operators computer screen. All the data is saved on the dual servers and available on every MineSCADA computer that is connected on the network.