Haulage Control & Monitoring

Haulage Control and Monitoring

The PC21-3 Haulage Control System can be adapted via bespoke algorithms to drive and monitor your Haulage requirements. The unit provides up to 24 digital/analogue inputs for monitoring bearing temperatures, speed and slip, methane, CO or any limit switches that are needed. There are local start/stop buttons for controlling the relay outputs which can either be utilised purely for I.S or, via the unit built into the attached power supply, IS controlled FLP contacts.

The unit includes a multilingual, multifunction colour display and interface keypad with bespoke mimic, making diagnostics quicker and simpler, thus reducing downtime. Minewatch interface units such as the modbus RS485/232 communications module offer additional connectivity to switch gear for further control and information.

Haulage Control

The Minewatch Signals and communication system which is embedded in the PC21-3, offers audio communication along the entire length of the haulage route, and with additional connectivity, communication with the surface. In addition it provides proven pre-start warning and a haulage pullkey stopping system throughout the cable run with both hardwire and software interlocks available.

The information collected and correlated by the PC21-3, is available via our data transmission system which provides either a SAP or an optical fibre interface to send the information to a surface MineSCADA system. This communication path also allows for control instructions to be sent from the surface, thus allowing the starting and stopping of the haulage system while constantly monitoring the state of the system in real time.