TruckLOG’s stand-alone Speed Zoning technology

Forklift trucks travelling at speed in congested areas put people, products and infrastructure at risk and is a major contributor to transport related incidents at work.

There are a number of speed restricting products available for forklift trucks, but the advanced radio technology created by the Davis Derby team at TruckLOG is truly unique. The innovative speed zoning technology is now available as standard option on the existing TruckLOG TK5 System and can also be purchased as a stand-alone product.

The TruckLOG TK5 Speed Zoning System uses a series of strategically located routers around the site to create a speed controlled zone.  When vehicles enter these zones the system triggers a limited vehicle travel speed. The system can also be used to restrict the trucks’ reach height.

Ensuring best practice and improving health and safety standards in warehouse and distribution environments is what gives the Davis Derby TruckLOG systems global recognition, and this new product is further testament to how the company continues to put the customer first.

Dave Randle, Operations Manager at Davis Derby added: “Approved by a number of truck manufacturers we have found that many of our customers require the flexibility of being able to use speed zoning technology as part of the standard TK5 system or as a product on its own.

“We recognise that working within a busy materials handling environment presents many challenges for pedestrians and drivers and that’s why our products include speed zoning as part of the standard package. However, we have developed this product so it can be purchased as a stand-alone speed zoning system ensuring that the safety of people is the priority, rather than being potentially limited by the systems they operate.”

Davis Derby is a world leader in the design and manufacture of forklift truck access control and fleet management systems, and the designers of the TruckLOG TK5 and Speed Zoning system are reputed to continue to develop technology that marks them one step ahead of similar products.

Apart from having an in-house technical design team the company always put their customers first and customer’s contracts, new and existing, are subject to a strict quality assessment process to maintain best practice.

Davis Derby continue to develop new TruckLOG systems and they pride themselves on placing the customer firmly at the heart of design and development, this is why the company continue to be market leaders both in the UK and overseas.

TruckLOG forklift truck access control and fleet management system improves the efficienct management of forklift vehicle fleets while minimising damage to vehicles, infrastructure and finished goods and provides a complete solution for access control and fleet management: 

  • Utilisation – improves efficiency and controls costs.
  • Damage Reduction – reduces the costs of damage.
  • Fleet Safety – forklift truck fleet driver access control and pre-operational checks.

With a growing range of software options TruckLOG provides warehouse and fleet managers the flexibility to help improve safety and productivity.