Conveyor Control Monitoring & Protection

Mines, quarries, steelworks, power stations and processing plants are demanding environments. Hazards are many and varied and nowhere more so than where bulk materials are being conveyed in the presence of personnel. Incidents involving product spillage, misaligned or torn conveyor belts and other mechanical malfunctions can cause injury to staff as well as costly downtime, damage to machinery and loss of revenue.

Which is why Davis Derby has developed the MineWATCH range of conveyor protection systems. This comprehensive suite of safety and protection products includes pullkeys, belt alignment and tear sensors, spillage detectors and sequencing and slip rollers. There is also a speed monitor and a pease probe to alert you to hazards ranging from a blocked chute to unacceptable liquid levels.

Such is our expertise in this market sector that intrinsically safe products produced by our sub–contract facility are at the heart of many systems supplied by leading electronics brands in the UK, Europe and the USA.

All Davis Derby devices are compatible and easily installed by qualified electrical engineers on new or retrofit schemes. We can also offer you a bespoke design service for your conveyor control system.


StedFAST range of conveyor protection systems is a comprehensive suite of safety and protection products.

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PC21 Conveyor Control and Monitoring Products

The PC21 system can be used to control and monitor the whole of the mine and send the associated data to the surface control room SCADA where it can be displayed/analysed /utilised to enable efficient and safe operations.

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WiPan Conveyor Pullkey Monitoring

In today’s quarrying industry, trained engineering resource is costly and faults on a conveyor pullkey system can result in extended and unnecessary stand time. By integrating WiPAN technology into the pullkey, the condition of the emergency stop system is transmitted wirelessly to the main control

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Conveyor Stop / Emergency Stop Pull Key Systems

The Minewatch HT 800 Series pull key range is designed for use in safety critical systems for controlling conveyors. Each key can therefore be used as either a Stop Switch or as a Category 2 or Category 3 Emergency Stop Switch as defined in BS EN ISO13849-I PLe.

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Pull Wire, Pull Cable and Accessories

Effective for emergency situations and routine operations alike, Davis Derby's MineWATCH range of pull cable / pull wire operated safety switches are the ideal stopping devices for all conveyor systems.

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Belt Alignment Switch

This robust belt alignment switch unit is designed to give consistent and reliable operation when used in the most demanding of environments such as the conditions encountered in mines and quarries.

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Blocked Chute Probe

The Blocked Chute Probe is a versatile sensing device with a wide range of applications in mining and the materials and bulk handling industries.

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Heavy Duty Back Spillage Detector

The Heavy Duty Back Spillage Detector is designed to prevent spillage of conveyed mineral around transfer points and chutes.

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Belt Alignment and Tear Device

The Belt Alignment and Tear unit is deemed intrinsically safe to the ATEX standard. The complete transducer comprises of two identical units, one positioned each side of the conveyor to be protected.

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Digital Sequence and Slip Roller

Davis Derby MineWATCH technicians designed the Digital Belt Sequence and Slip Roller to make conveyor sequencing easy and detect belt slip. As well as preventing spillages from your conveyor system, this module can also give early warning of potential belt fires.

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