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Fleet Management Information System FMIS

The TruckLOG TK5 FMIS is the definitive forklift truck and GSE driver access monitoring and reporting system.

  • Option to view forklift truck data which allows vehicle and driver information.
  • Enhanced reporting options that can give 24 hour web-access to reports, usage, alarms and utilisation.
  • Alert messaging that can include shocks, alarms, service due and accrued hours.
  • Shock event reporting which will save money in damage costs to fleet vehicles, infrastructure and warehouse stock.
  • Fully customisable activity analysis which will enable you to receive only the data you need.
  • Fully automated standby forklift truck fleet scheduling option.
  • Two-way messaging option allowing management to send messages to any driver and vehicle.
  • Multiple Remote Hour Monitoring providing details for service contract hours and operational performance.
  • Lost Card management system
  • PDF Document storage against truck and driver


The management of materials handling vehicles, such as forklift trucks, represents major overhead costs to manufacturing, wholesale, retail and transportation businesses. These costs increase in the event of shock and damage-related incidents and unsafe driving. Using an effective fleet management software system improves monitoring and so helps to improve safety, productivity and profitability.

The TruckLOG’s TK5 forklift truck fleet management information system (FMIS) is a cornerstone of the software options available making TK5 one of the most advanced and comprehensive systems of its type.

Web enabled reporting software collects data from Forklift Truck Driver Access Control, Shock & Damage and Pre-Operational Checks ensuring that fleet and manpower requirements are optimised through efficient analysis of this data. This means that warehouse fleet managers and other members of management can control when Standby, Back-up, By-the-Hour and Core fleet can be used to suit the operation.
The TruckLOG TK5 forklift truck fleet management system can also make health and safety auditing easier to monitor and report on as the fleet management software within the system enables analysis of drivers and vehicles, and the monitoring of critical vehicle events. Alerting and messaging is a feature of FMIS which can provide incident alerting to ensure that you are aware of situations when they occur.

TruckLOG forklift truck fleet management system is designed to provide all the information that you need to manage your vehicles and drivers, but only when you need it. Software options include hour meter data to enable vehicle servicing and billing, calendar based servicing and thorough examination, automatic lost card management, local & remote VOR and two-way messaging. We monitor key vehicle and forklift truck driver data, and can provide all the key information that you need to manage your forklift truck fleet as efficiently as possible to drive down costs. 

TruckLOG TK5 forklift truck fleet management system (FMIS) can help you develop and implement an enhanced health and safety policy to complement your risk assessment and maximise site safety. Smart Cards ensure that only licensed drivers can operate your vehicles while the time–out function also prevents them from being driven away if unattended. Should a fault arise on a vehicle, it can be safely disabled until an engineer arrives who will have already been alerted through the system.

FMIS can reduce damage–related costs and downtime, improve driving standards and help you comply with health and safety regulations, enabling you to reduce fleet operating and leasing costs, whilst driving productivity up.