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FSK SAP Transmission

Many Modern mines require a comprehensive safety automation system but find that the initial investment of a full intrinsically safe high speed fibre optic data highway too expensive and complicated for their budget.

In these circumstances, Davis Derby’s long range FSK transmission system will meet most requirements.

The Davis Derby FSK transmission utilises standard mining telephone cable and will connect up to 15 remote underground controllers up to 15km from the surface MineSCADA® Computer system using just two pairs of a twisted pair telephone cable (commonly known as a ring). A normal system would utilise up to 8 “rings” so catering for up to 120 underground controllers.

The data protocol works on a changes only basis so providing a relatively fast data transfer to the surface without the need for intermediate repeaters or “boosters”.

Many mines around the world operate this system and the simplicity, reliability and low cost of installation make this a preferred choice of many mine operators.