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Modern mining presents a wide range of monitoring and control challenges. To meet them, Davis Derby designed MineSCADA®, a modular system which gives you complete control of mines – and total peace of mind.

MineSCADA® can be installed on a single PC or across your IT network. When integrated into your network, the system includes main and standby “HOT” servers and can connect either to a remote workstation or a wide area network for remote mine system monitoring. In the event of hardware or software failure the servers will automatically change over without losing any data. It easy to change the configuration on a live system. Changes take effect immediately without the need for separate 'configure' and 'run' modes.

Being Windows-based, the MineSCADA® software is both intuitive and easy to expand.

The server applications run continuously, logging data and events. MineSCADA supports up to 50 client workstations over local and wide area networks. Each workstation supports up to 6 monitors.

There is now an option available to send alarm messages by either email or text message.  These areas can be setup to send the messages to the management whenever there is a problem so they are constantly kept up to date with the situation.