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Modern mining presents a wide range of monitoring and control challenges. To meet them, Davis Derby designed MineSCADA®, a modular system which gives you complete control of mines – and total peace of mind.

MineSCADA® can be installed on a single PC or across your IT network. When integrated into your network, the system includes main and standby “HOT” servers and can connect either to a remote workstation or a wide area network for remote mine system monitoring. In the event of hardware or software failure the servers will automatically change over without losing any data.

When Davis Derby designed the RFID Radio Frequency Identification System it was decided that it would be more advantageous to have a separate computer monitoring and control system for the tracking system of the mine so MineSCADA LE was developed. The program can be installed and run on the same servers as the MineSCADA program and has a separate communications server but the underground units can still be connected onto the same transmission lines.

The MineSCADA LE allows the location of personnel, assets and vehicles in hazardous environments such as coal mines. The system underground is divided into zones and the LE program shows the mine plan in zones and the number of people and or assets in that zone.

The system provides

  • Evacuation Reports
  • Easily adapted for time and attendance system
  • Search facility for locating personnel
  • Detailed log of travelling times and routes
  • Alarms when entering hazardous or restricted area
  • Reports can be generated over 1 day, 1 week or 1 month for
    • Tags
    • Job
    • Districts
    • Zones
    • Outputs can be controlled from the surface control room