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MineWatch PC21 Transmission Products Description

The PC21 transmission systems can be used to control and monitor the whole of the mine and send the associated data to the surface control room SCADA where it can be displayed/analysed /utilised to enable efficient and safe operations. These units are easily added to the existing systems to provide transmission or to change from SAP transmission to fibre optic transmission to the surface control room.

More and more of the underground systems are now required to send larger amounts of data to the surface so that is why Davis Derby now provides options of either Fibre Optic Transmission or RS485 Modbus communications.

SAP Transmission

  • Allows copper transmission for up to 15 underground units
  • Surface FED provides 8 rings allowing 120 underground units
  • Relatively fast data speeds due to changes only protocol     without the need for boosters
  • Easy to maintain and extend

PC21-FE  Fibre Optic Transmission

  • 10/100Mb/s data speeds
  • Fibre communications up to 10Km without need for a repeater
  • 3 ports for connecting accessories (Camera’s, Programmable   Displays,  WiPAN, etc)
  • RJ45 connection

Media Convertor (Single or Multi Mode)

  • Fibre communications up to 10Km without need for repeater
  • 10/100mb/s speeds available
  • 3 ports for connecting accessories (Camera’s, Programmable   Displays,  WiPAN, etc)
  • RJ45 Connections
  • Auto Negotiation of Line Rate
  • Automatic MDI/MDIX Crossover


RS485 Modbus Communications

  • RS485/RS232 copper or fibre optic communications
  • Communications with switchgear
  • Communications with sensors
  • Monitoring and control
  • Greater amounts of detailed information allowing better diagnostics