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MineWATCH PS21-Int/R

MineWATCH PS21-Int/R


Specification for PS21-Int/R

Mains input voltage

  • Not Applicable.

Relay Coil Supply Input Voltage

  • Powered from an appropriately certified Intrinsically Safe 12 Volts dc Supply (15 Volts dc maximum).

Relay Coil Operation

  • The Relay coils are designed to be operated remotely from volt-free contacts within other approved Intrinsically Safe Equipment.

Interface Relay Coils Available

  • 2, 4 or 6 coil versions.

Contact Configuration

  • One set of Flameproof (Non-I.S.) change over contacts are available for each relay.

Relay Contacts Maximum Voltage / Current

  • 250 volts r.m.s or 5 Amps r.m.s or 100VA


  • Approximately 400mm wide x 210mm deep x 240mm high (neglecting gland cable projections)


  • 32kg

Operating temperature range

  • -20ºC to +40ºC