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Specification for PS21-R(D)

Mains input voltage

  • 120 Volts ac + 10% -25% 50Hz
  • 240 Volts ac + 10% -25% 50Hz

Intrinsically safe output voltages

  • 11.5 Volts dc (minimum) @ I out = 500mA (R) = 2 x 500mA (RD)
  • 14.10 Volts dc (maximum)

Intrinsically safe output current (Mains Operation)

  • Up to 500mA dc (normal operation)
  • 3.52A dc (maximum under fault conditions)
  • 2.42 dc (maximum under fault conditions [D])

FLP/IS Relays

  • Six relays are provided with IS coils and FLP contacts which are link configurable.


  • 400mm wide x 200mm deep x 24mm high (neglecting gland cable projections)


  • 40kg

Operating temperature range

  • -20ºC to +40ºC