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Programmable Display PD8.2

The PD8.2 programmable display

The PD8.2 programmable display is designed and approved to be used in hazardous (explosive) gas atmospheres.

The applications of the PD8.2 range from single dedicated displays to site-wide information and evacuation systems controlled from a central control room.

For further information please contact us on +44 (0)1332 227 500 or email [email protected]

The PD8.2 is designed and approved to be used in hazardous (explosive) gas atmospheres that may be encountered in coal mines and petrochemical installations. It carries both ATEX and IECEx accreditation and is certified intrinsically safe to both Group I (Ex ia 1 Ma) and Group II (Ex ia IIB T4 Ga) and also tested to IP65.

The PD8.2 colour display only requires a maximum of 200mA from a 12Vdc intrinsically safe supply and is therefore suitable for battery support.

Up to 32 selectable displays are fully programmable and can be shown as either text or simple graphics.

The display can operate under several modes, these being:

  • Stand-Alone – Display selection is made by external switches
  • Connected to a third-party control system – Display selection is made by either relay contacts or optically coupled outputs.
  • Integrated into a DAVIS DERBY MineWATCH PC21 system via the on-board CAN connection.
  • Remotely controlled via the on-board 10/100 baseT Ethernet connection. Ethernet displays may be either by the selection of a programmed display or a specific display delivered remotely over the Ethernet connection.