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Pull Wire, Pull Cable and Accessories

Featuring protective IP65 enclosures and corrosion–resistant components, these double ended systems will withstand a wide range of demanding environments. Dustproof models, certified to ATEX Group II Category 1D are also available while cats–eye indicators can be augmented by an optional semaphore flag.

All systems are designed to BS EN 418 & 954-1 Category 3 standards, are easy to install for qualified electrical engineers and are backed by warranty.

For a complete emergency stop control system, specify pullkeys and safety relays for upstream and downstream equipment as well as the protected machinery.

Effective for emergency situations and routine operations, Davis Derby's MineWATCH pull cable/ pull wire operated safety switches are the ideal stopping devices for all conveyor systems.

Fitted to selected – or all – moving parts of your conveyor system, the pullkey device will function as the stop switch, rendering your installation safe.


When all internal positive–break micro–switches are connected to relevant components of your conveyor machinery and a certified safety relay, your pullkey system will terminate all movements in the event of an incident in compliance with BS EN 954–1 Category 3.

Pull keys and pull wire

Pull wire
The pull wire supplied is a flexible steel wire cord 3/16” outside diameter with green or red PVC covering.

Pull cable
The pull cable is a single wire braided armour cable all cores being unscreened,
available as either 4 core or 6 core with green or red PVC covering. Each core
being 24/0.2mm copper insulated with resistance of 54Ω/loop km