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Speed Zoning System

Forklift truck speed zoning system - Stand-Alone or TK5 FMIS option

Forklift trucks travelling too fast in congested areas put people, products and infrastructure at risk. To ensure that trucks are moving at safe speeds in vulnerable areas, Davis Derby developed the TruckLOG Speed Zoning System.

The TruckLOG TK5 Speed Zoning System uses a series of strategically located routers around your site to create a speed controlled zone.  When vehicles enter these zones the system triggers a limited vehicle travel speed. The system can also be used to restrict the trucks’ reach height.

Setting up the Speed Zoning System is very simple.  Davis Derby can, as part of our commitment to making your site as safe as possible, provide a full installation, commissioning and training service. 

Note: Subject to site & truck survey