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TruckLOG TK5

TruckLOG Forklift Truck Fleet Management System is highly flexible and enables warehouse managers to efficiently utilise vehicles and drivers to improve safety and productivity.

TruckLOG TK5 can be configured to your exact requirements and interface seamlessly with your existing systems placing the customer firmly at the heart of design and development with features that include:

  • Available with multi-language options for both the reader display and web based software.

  • Smart cards can be integrated with existing card-based systems. For example, the TruckLOG TK5 system can incorporate site access, attendance recording and cashless vending into one multi-functional card.

  • It puts you firmly in control of driver access.

  • Pre-operational checks.

  • Shock reporting.

  • Speed-zoning system.

TruckLOG improves the efficient management of forklift vehicle and ground support equipment (GSE) fleets while minimising damage to vehicles, infrastructure and most importantly – people.

With a growing range of software options TruckLOG provides warehouse and fleet managers the flexibility to help improve safety and productivity.