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WiPan Conveyor Pullkey Monitoring

Originally designed for the location of miners underground; the system can also be used for other applications such as portable gas sensor monitoring, remote sensor monitoring and asset tracking.

The Davis Derby WiPAN (Wireless Personnel Area Network) system is installed in our existing signalling system for surface conveyors and can retro fitted to existing systems. The module fitted to each key will communicate with every other key in turn and pass the information back to the controller through the quickest possible route and will continuously update with the current state. It will give more information than other systems in the market and highlight issues that will not actually prevent the conveyor from running but that could cause a problem in future.

Future developments plan to add handheld monitoring of the system to allow engineers to pin point location of the problems when they are on the network. This will allow engineers to reduce the down time of the conveyor systems.

  • WiPAN provides factual information both on site and remotely on all assets.
  • WiPAN provides a performance information system enabling more concise management decisions to be made on all operations monitored.
  • WiPAN information enables improvement strategies to be formulated enchancing future business performance.

Applications where WiPAN can be used

  • Key Numbering on all conveyors.
  • More detailed fault diagnosis and locations of the faults.
  • Reduced down time due to faults on the system.
  • Tracking of assets along the conveyor when required.
  • Remote sensor monitoring including temperature and vibration.